Doug Randall

Doug is managing partner of Monitor 360 and a recognized thought leader on managing uncertainty, designing effective institutionalization programs, and a select set of geopolitical issues. With more than 20 years of professional experience serving governments and private-sector organizations in strategic planning, scenario thinking, networking, strategic communications, and complexity management, Doug works with clients to develop innovative methodologies and approaches for addressing their most significant analytic challenges. He has lectured at the Wharton School, Stanford University, and National Defense University; his articles have appeared in the Financial Times, Wired magazine, and Strategy & Learning, among others.

Using stories for advantage: the art and process of narrative

Effective stories that win both the listeners’ hearts and minds are critical communications tools that can enable leaders to achieve difficult strategic goals. When crafted with emotion and logic, potent stories not only help make sense of disparate facts, but they can also motivate people to undertake a formidable

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