Beverly Schwartz

Beverly Schwartz is an “entrepreneurial” behavioral scientist and author of the recently published “RIPPLING: How Social Entrepreneurs Spread Innovation Throughout the World” (Wiley, April 2012). She is also Vice President of Global Marketing for Ashoka, the world’s largest association of leading social entrepreneurs. With a background in advertising and communications, she has an extensive career in marketing for the private, nonprofit and public sector and has devoted her career to working on some of the world’s most challenging domestic and international social issues. Beverly is dedicated to promoting the field of social marketing, the application of marketing to influence behavior change for social issues. She is a Board of Trustee member for the National Hospice Association and a Board Member of the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation. You can follow her on twitter@beverlyschwartz and fan her at    

United Nations adopts resolution in support of social entrepreneurship

Break out the bubbly in every country, in any language. Here comes a New Year’s Resolution that will resonate with all CausePlanet readers. We can collectively raise our glasses and toast! By a vote of 129 to 31, The United Nations just adopted (Dec.7) a resolution on "Entrepreneurship for Development" that will encourage all member states to increase

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