Bernard Ross

Bernard Ross is a founding director of =mc, a UK-based organization that provides training and consultancy services in management and fundraising to nonprofits worldwide. Bernard's work for =mc focuses on strategic reviews and the development of international fundraising strategies for INGOs, major charities and government offices. He can be reached at, or visit

Balancing urgent and important: How to be more effective

Have you ever wondered why it is that, with all the advances in technology and communication in the workplace, we seem to get less done than before? And not only that, we seem to be more and more stressed about the things that we haven’t.

Five staff responses to change you can’t afford to overlook

As a senior manager, chances are at some point you’ve been involved in either instituting or supporting change in your organisation. The question is, if the need for change is so obvious to you, why isn’t the rest of the organisation jumping up and

The influential fundraiser: two most common persuasion pitfalls

The world of fundraising is changing. After being deluged for so long by email solicitations and direct mail campaigns, donors are demanding a more personalized approach when being asked for money. They want fundraising messages that

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