Amanda Johnston

Johnston holds a Masters degree in International Policy Studies from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in California. She has traveled or lived in over 30 countries and currently calls Colorado home. Amanda has 16 years of experience working with health and human service nonprofit organizations across the US, and has raised over $10 million on their behalf. Amanda serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Boulder County YWCA. She can be reached at or

An exercise to evaluate grant proposals

Recently, nonprofit consulting firm, Amanda Johnston Consulting, released their Grant Writer’s Toolkit, an educational resource that provides strategies, worksheets, and case studies for grant writers who are passionate about winning more funding for their organizations. Amanda Johnston is generously sharing excerpts from this resource with CausePlanet readers. This is the first: an exercise designed to... Read more

Seven ways to maximize your conference outcomes

Planning ahead, dividing the workload and sharing knowledge gained from attending a conference can maximize your results. Over the last few years I have attended some excellent conferences on fundraising

Breakthrough fundraising strategies for tireless grantseekers

If you want to increase your grant dollars, it is very important to know what the overall success rate of your organization is. To do this, you must calculate how many proposals you submitted over the course of one year, the total dollar amount of all requests submitted, and

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