Alice Korngold

Alice Korngold, President and CEO of Korngold Consulting LLC, provides board consulting services to global, national and regional nonprofits; trains and places business executives on NGO/nonprofit boards; and consults to global corporations on corporate social responsibility (CSR), for-profit/nonprofit partnerships and strategic philanthropy. She is the author of “Leveraging Good Will: Strengthening Nonprofits by Engaging Businesses” (Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Imprint, 2005) and is currently writing a second book. She blogs for Fast Company and The Huffington Post. She has launched a unique board assessment toolkit, the Korngold Board Vector. Follow Korngold on Twitter:@alicekorngold.

Do your board recruitment goals reflect your evolving nonprofit?

Your organization’s board recruitment goals will change depending on where your nonprofit is in its life cycle. There’s just one problem. Perhaps there was a time when people could describe a fairly predictable, steady trajectory for the life of a nonprofit

7 reasons board candidates choose one nonprofit over another

For over two decades, I’ve had the honor and privilege of guiding hundreds of business executives and professionals in choosing the nonprofit boards on which they’ll serve. Each candidate experiences a personal journey exploring regional, national and perhaps

NOW is the best time to rebuild your board: Here’s why and how

According to surveys by the Nonprofit Finance Fund, nonprofits face growing financial pressures while also experiencing greater demands for services. At the same time, there are new funding opportunities for nonprofits, including corporations seeking to advance

The six worst—and best—reasons to recruit business executives to your board

Many nonprofit executives, development officers and board members are eager to recruit business people from diverse backgrounds to their boards because they think business people will come in and solve their financial and strategic

Leadership development: Learning by listening

I read’s book reviews and articles on a regular basis for their wisdom and to follow the conversation. In preparing to write this post, I perused many recent pieces for inspiration. Brilliant stuff…. if perhaps a bit head-spinning for most nonprofit CEOs when taken in

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