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What’s happening in the world of fundraising?

It’s not very often that we look beyond our own nonprofit’s backyard let alone past its international borders. Global Fundraising editors Bernard Ross and Penelope Cagney have given us a long overdue look at what’s happening in the world of fundraising. Literally.

Global Fundraising looks at worldwide developments in philanthropy that are revolutionizing the fundraising world.

Editors Cagney and Ross have compiled this book for fundraisers, CEOs, professional advisors and grant-making leaders who are turning their attention to the philanthropic potential beyond their own borders.

This book looks at remarkable case stories written by experts from these countries and many more: India, Brazil, Russia, Australia and Japan. Each of the chapters focuses on the new practices in the realms of technology, innovation and major donors. Global Fundraising offers an insider’s guide that includes rich insights on how to engage your nonprofit internationally.

We recently had a chance to interview Cagney about the book on several topics. Enjoy her insights into the following subject areas of the book:

1) Introduction to the book Global Fundraising: Cagney-introduction to Global Fundraising

2) Innovation from everywhere/Which of the other countries’ strategies are most transferable or worth considering? Cagney- innovation from everywhere

3) Trends for nonprofits to consider in global fundraising: Cagney-global fundraising trends

4) What should nonprofits know about charity giants? Cagney-What nonprofits need to know

5) Current observations on global fundraising: Cagney-Current observations

While many philanthropists, nonprofit leaders and fundraisers have an eye on proven practices among the usual suspects in North America and Europe, numerous charities both giant and small, inside and outside these regions are exhibiting innovative methods worthy of global attention.

The worldwide nonprofit sector is keenly aware of the need for creativity and tested practices and this book proves organizations need only look beyond their borders. Cagney and Ross have uncovered helpful case stories in countries that once were considered unlikely places for fundraising achievements.

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Burned out on board fundraising? Get inspired by a view from outside the box

“The big secret of philanthropy is now out. Philanthropy is fun. It is joyful. It is fulfilling. It will make your life feel worthwhile in ways that few other enterprises can.”

Author Ted Kort highlighted this quotation by James Wolfensohn in chapter two of his new book, Outside the Box Fundraising: The Way to Nonprofit Board Success. Kort must have felt the way I did when I read it for the first time: inspired by a positive perspective.

“Inspired by a positive perspective” is the phrase I would also use to describe Kort’s Outside the Box book. Kort’s refreshing, knowledgeable and enthusiastic approach to fundraising at the board level will remind you of the numerous ways you can engage people in a winning approach.

Kort’s Outside the Box reads like a “best of” book, highlighting all of the practices that worked for him over the years. He also provides plenty of examples that illustrate his efforts in the trenches while working on behalf of dozens of boards. Kort is quick to acknowledge the sources and books that helped him, including many authors we recommend at CausePlanet such as Tom Ahern and Ken Burnett.

Kort covers all the bases so I’ll give you a brief outline of his book:

Great relationships are the focus of chapter one. Kort uses the relationship rating system to determine how you are progressing with each prospect.

Philanthropy is the subject of chapter two. He stresses the importance of understanding your own personal views and how those views impact your donors.

Chapters three and four explore how to educate, motivate and activate board members. Once you have them on board, Kort explains how to run great board meetings.

Kort shares four easy ways to to ask without asking and how to leverage your core event in chapters five and six.

In chapters seven, eight and nine, Kort introduces how to use teamwork when forming your campaign plans and how to apply new ideas for phone and face-to-face solicitations.

The two most important words in fundraising, “thank you,” are the focus of chapter 10.

The book concludes with chapters 11 and 12, covering five important subjects such as the elevator speech, PR and goal setting. Chapter 12 ends—you guessed it—on a high note with how to energize your board immediately.

Kort provides helpful finishing touches in the form of appendices that include board expectations, recommended reading and my favorite: 77 Reasons Why People Give by Robert Hartsook. If you’re on a board or working with one, it’s a great time to get inspired again with Outside the Box Fundraising.

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Image credits: Outside the Box Fundraising

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