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The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution: Real-Time Strategic Planning in a Rapid-Response World by David La Piana
  • Find out why traditional nonprofit strategic plans are flawed.
  • Learn the difference between following a specific process (the traditional strategic planning approach) and becoming a more powerful strategic thinker.
  • Discover why nonprofit strategy begins with organizational strategy—your mission, vision and market position.
  • Learn how to develop a Strategy Screen to determine whether or not a particular strategy is consistent with your organization's identity.

About the Author

David La Piana is founder and president of La Piana Associates, Inc. (, a consulting firm specializing in solutions to the strategic issues faced by nonprofit organizations and their funders. He is the author of many books for nonprofit leaders, including The Nonprofit Mergers Workbooks (Parts I and II) and Play to Win: The Nonprofit Guide to Competitive Strategy. He can be reached at

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