Thriving on reinvention

“Regardless of the timeline for the U.S. economic recovery, emerging trends in competition, technology, demographics and consumer behavior are the major drivers of future opportunities for nonprofit organizations. These trends will shape a marketplace that is vastly different from the one that existed prior to the recession. These changes require a thoughtful examination of every aspect of your organization. The conversation begins with the organization’s business model. How does your organization create, deliver and capture economic, societal or other forms of value?”

This introduction was quoted from one of our valued contributors at CausePlanet, Raylene Decatur, who will be presenting this topic in Denver, Colorado on March 8 for executive leaders called “Thriving on Reinvention.” In the session, she will discuss the following questions with local leaders:

  • Which results are we accountable for achieving?
  • How will we achieve these results?
  • What do these results cost and how will be fund them?
  • How do we build the organization needed to deliver results?

Decatur also touches on these questions and some ideas surrounding the topic of thriving on reinvention in an earlier article we posted last March at CausePlanet.

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