So what’s all the fuss about culture?

So what’s all the fuss about culture? Why does promoting a good culture feel like something that can be pushed down on the priority list after board recruitment, fundraising, and filling that vacant position?

Though you can’t see it, and it’s even harder to describe, experts prove again and again how a healthy, toxic, or even ignored culture can make or break every aspect of your efforts—yes, that includes productivity and your bottom line.

Now that I have your attention, turn your focus to our upcoming live author interview with Michael Stallard. He’s coauthored Fired Up or Burned Out: How to Reignite your Team’s Passion, Creativity and Productivity with Carolyn Dewing-Hommes and Jason Pankau. Connected organizations are more productive, more innovative and more profitable; conversely, a lack of connection will gradually burn employees out. Author Michael Lee Stallard makes the case for increasing connection at work and shows you how to build a “connection culture”—a culture that increases connection among people—by increasing the elements of a connected culture: vision, value and voice. Paying attention to these so-called “soft” aspects of the work environment will help increase employee engagement and, in the end, will make your organization more successful.

Stallard recent submitted an article, “Weathering the economic storm: how to boost morale.”

Join us for a conversation with Stallard about three elements of a connection culture: vision, value and voice. Leaders who intentionally foster these three elements will reap the benefits of productivity and innovation. Now who can’t use more productivity and innovation in the workplace?

Watch Stallard explain “Connection Culture.”

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4 responses to “So what’s all the fuss about culture?”

  1. Natasha says:

    This is such an important topic to leaders today. After working in a toxic environment for 8 years then then subsequently breaking free of it, I am an evangelist for how the people around you and the morale in your workplace can increase or decrease productivity in a major way. Thanks for organizing a webinar on this very important topic.

  2. Hanna Cooper says:

    Thanks for this timely and important post – there is so much we are learning about neuroscience at work that backs up what intuition has told us for years. Rather than marginalizing connection, it is actually a key component of team success! Thanks for this – I’m excited to share it!

  3. Love the 3 “V’s” of building a connection culture! Thanks for bringing this terrific resource to the fore.

  4. Emily Davis says:

    One of the things I really love about this interview is that it points to one of the primary reasons that people work in the nonprofit sector – people! Working with a community of people who are passionate and aligned around the same cause makes so much difference. We need to cultivate those positive experiences to help with burnout, especially since we don’t have the financial compensation of for profit businesses. Great interview!

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