Podcast with Jim Hornickel about nonprofit negotiations

NegotiatingSuccessBookCoverAccording to Negotiating Success author Jim Hornickel, people around the world have been taught for too long that every win requires a loser. Instead, he says, successful negotiations are built on the goal of having both parties win, yielding long-term positive outcomes for both sides.

All conversations are negotiations 

Negotiating Success, in your personal and professional life, provides you with seasoned advice on how to improve strategies and outcomes in negotiating anything. “All conversations are negotiations. Whether small personal exchanges or large, complex business contracts, we are negotiating all the time,” claims author Jim Hornickel.

He suggests two key questions to consider when in negotiations: “What negotiating skills do you have to work with?” and “Who are you being as you negotiate?”

Negotiations reflect an emphasis on the relationships involved. Hornickel explains that when negotiations are built upon the goal of having both sides win, “magic happens.”

This week, we had the pleasure of talking with Jim Hornickel about the incredible negotiation lessons in this book. I found myself scribbling notes as we spoke, thinking how relevant his advice is for many of the conversations I have every week.

When he says all conversations are really negotiations, it’s true. Listen to his answers and ponder what encounters you’ve had with partners, contractors, stakeholders, board members and others.  I hope you get as much out of these answers to our questions as I did. Thanks, Jim.

1) Book premise

2) Negotiating advice for nonprofits (Cialdini’s six principles)

3) Importance of emotional intelligence or EQ

4) Development of emotional intelligence

5) Tricky areas in negotiations you should be aware of

We tend to think of negotiations as isolated events from our day-to-day conversations, when in fact, they’re very much a part of our entire day–every day. If you’d like to build better rapport and have more of your discussions result in win-win outcomes, look into Hornickel’s book. It is a highly logical guide that presents a holistic approach to the hard and soft skills needed for ethical negotiations.

After reading his book, you’ll have a better understanding of how to negotiate successfully for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. What’s more, Hornickel provides you with ways to expand your emotional intelligence through self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and management of relationships.

To learn more, see our book summary of Hornickel’s Negotiating Success, plus a description of his management title:

Negotiating Success: Tips and Tools for Building Rapport and Dissolving Conflict While Still Getting What You Want 

Managing From the Inside Out: 16 Insights for Building Positive Relationships with Staff

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